Justin N. Froyd - Apr 8, 2008

At the beginning of March, a striking tourist project was finished and introduced to the public at Wendake, on the outskirts of Québec City, Canada. Grand Chief Max “Oné-Onti” Gros-Louis led the official inauguration of the Hôtel-Musée Premieres Nations. This unique project was initiated only a year ago and the results make the representatives of the First Nations of Canada very proud. The four-star hotel furnished in the traditional Huron-Wendat style and its museum are commemorating and celebrating the cultural heritage of the Huron-Wendat people.


The hotel design is very much inspired by the traditional architecture – in fact, the decorations and furnishings were mostly created by Huron-Wendat and First Nations artisans. There are fifty-five comfortable rooms and several meeting facilities here – which turn the hotel into an ideal getaway for couples, families and businessmen alike.


The décor is not the only traditional aspect of the hotel. Visitors get a unique opportunity to get a taste of Huron-Wendat traditional dishes and see what kind of activities they used to indulge in. The La Traite theme restaurant is ready to welcome some 120 guests at any time.


What the founders of the project are very happy about is the effect of their initial idea. The hotel doesn’t only serve as an attraction for anyone willing to get out of the city and enjoy the charming vistas of the Akiawenrahk River and the trekking opportunities in the environs of the hotel. It presents an exceptional living museum which embodies the very core of the Huron-Wendat culture with surprising authenticity. The project not only helps to preserve and celebrate the heritage of the Huron-Wendat people, it also gives them an opportunity to work; Hôtel-Musée Premieres Nations is an unforgettable and peaceful place well worth spending a few days.


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