Joe McClain - Mar 27, 2007

Sport enthusiasts with a taste for challenge and adventure have long been seeking out the striking possibilities offered by Finland, a country in the north of Europe that has thousands of crystal-clear ice-cold lakes, marvelous scenery, snow-white plains and mystical forests.

A new thrill has become very popular on some of the local wild rivers, and even though this sport has not been named yet, many who have fallen for it are eagerly trying to spread its fame. Its popular nickname is ‘human pooh sticks’  (which has much to do with the whole point of the sport) and it is an activity available all year around for anyone brave enough do try it.



In a little Finnish town of Kuhmo, on the Pajakkakoski river, adventure-seekers throw themselves more than willingly into its powerful rapids and stretches of deep, slow–moving water. All claim it to be an exhilarating experience; equipped with thermal survival gear they jump into the ice-cold waters and enjoy the thrill under strict supervision of professional life-guards who make sure the 400m swim is safe for everyone.



The participants are warmed up with hot chocolate that awaits them at the end, but this only gets them back up on their feet to have another go. Many share the opinion that winter-time is even more exciting due to the breathtaking natural scenery along the river banks with lots of glittering snow-covered trees.



This entertainment is yet another addition to the challenges of Finnish winter: cross-country skiing, playing ice-hockey on frozen rivers, ice-yachting, ice-fishiing - it never stops! And after a tiring day, a proper Finnish sauna is exactly what one needs to unwind.


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