Gary Diskin - Sep 17, 2012
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The results of the FlightView 2012 Flyer Survey have been published and now the air travel industry can see where it is succeeding and failing when it comes to providing mobile services for travelers. 2600 passengers were polled about their habits, preferences and desires when it comes to mobile technology and connectivity within airports so what can we learn from their answers?

The use of mobile technology is on the rise and the demand and desirability of services is increasing.

What is clear from these results is how much we are all using technology and wireless connections at airports and that there is definite potential for growth in this area. 82% of passengers fly with a smartphone, a surprising 37% are using tablets and there is an increasing desire for more than just Wi-Fi and flight information. An impressive 73% of participants expressed an interest in mobile boarding passes and 30% simply wanted the chance to share their flight status on social media.

This desire for expansion shows how airports are failing their customers but they have bigger concerns to worry about than providing such beneficial extras as food coupons and the ability to book ground transport. Passengers want the airport experience to be stress-free and this means providing more flight information and better Wi-Fi access. Less than half of those asked were satisfied with airport Wi-Fi and just 31% were happy with in-flight Wi-Fi while a staggering 96% asked for better flight status information before boarding and 93% wanted access to the statuses and locations of their connecting flight.

This survey has some important results with some unsurprising revelations.

These findings show a clear need for improvements in many areas of mobile services for travelers and a need for the industry to listen to the demands of passengers but none of this should come as a surprise because the results mostly show a desire for basic, necessary information and connectivity. If airports embrace these trends and increase the diversity of their services, the accessibility of the information and most importantly the ability to connect then customer satisfaction should increase.

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