Pat Hyland - Sep 8, 2014
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Business travelers often expect different services and facilities in hotels when compared to leisure guests. A recent survey – Facilities in the Business Apartments – of more than 150 regular guests at Apart Hotel Residenz Am Deutschen in Berlin specifies the details. 
Fitness and relaxation after work, daily assistance and office-like technical equipment are in high demand for business travelers. Guests tend to sit around all day at appointments and then quickly go to eat unhealthy snacks during their breaks. Everyday life of most business travelers often proves to be hectic. However in order to stay fit many hotel guests want to have home training equipment in their rooms. 
According to Apart Hotel survey, 64 percent of people picked fitness device as the first choice of necessities; then quality ergometers followed. Relaxation after a hard day must not be neglected too. 
Visitors also requested an additional TV, other than the one in the living room and an Apple TV. Those requirements make it clear that some business travelers prefer to relax in the evening and some prefer to consume news in the morning.

Almost half of the surveyed guests wished their rooms had a servant. They also want their clothes to be ironed while traveling, so iron was the sixth most common required item. Apartments were required to have a storage option in addition to the spacious closet. 
To supplement busy night shifts or to wake up early in the morning, travelers requested to have their own coffee machine in the room.
Business customers wanted hotel rooms to be supplied by some office equipment including a whiteboard, laser printers, photocopier and a selection of office supplies. 
The hotel organized the survey including regular hotel guests – business people – as a part of a continuous quality assurance aiming to guarantee the best visitor experience during their stay. The survey was conducted in early 2013 and served as a guide for the redesign of existing business apartments.

Top 10 most important items in a business apartment:
1. Home Training Equipment (64%) 
2. Helpful servant (49%) 
3. Coffee Machine (47%) 
4. Whiteboard (28%) 
5. Laser printer (22%) 
6. Iron (17%) 
7. TV in the bedroom (9%) 
8. Photocopier (5%) 
9. Selection of office supplies (3%) 
10. Apple TV (1%)

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