Andrea Hausold - Feb 26, 2008
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It happens extremely often in the hotel and restaurant businesses that the level of service plays a bigger role than the quality of the food or the room. For example, when a member of staff goes out the way to provide a special piece of service by arranging hotels in different destinations or providing extra services which were not originally on offer, then the holiday becomes that little more memorable.


Let’s face it; if people went to restaurants to eat pasta purely for the pasta they would actually save money and stay at home to make the same thing in their own kitchen. The truth is that most people go to restaurants because they don’t want to carry plates or open fridges. They want to enjoy the restaurant atmosphere and have it brought to them instead. Service is an absolute key issue in customer satisfaction.


Many bosses of hotels and restaurants neglect the importance of training staff and work experience, especially in Britain. Neither party of many work experience schemes tends to be satisfied with the results. Owners of hotels and restaurants often come out with the phrase ‘you just can’t get the staff these days’, whereas 35% of British trainees believe that their boss condones bullying at work. 48% said in a survey that their boss did not give them fair appraisal for their work.


What can be done to ensure work experience and training run smoothly? Experts say that the first step is to ensure appreciation of what is guest experience. Interviewing must be considered to be the beginning of a candidate’s guest experience. The trainee must understand that orientation and training are what take place with the guests and are of prime importance. A further must is to keep the trainers within the sight of guests. Of course, nobody wants to be lumbered with a trainee at their table, yet if guests know what is going on then they are likely to appreciate the situation more.

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