Joe McClain - Sep 16, 2008

Hotels of all standards around the world have the same dilemma: whether to put nice things in their rooms even if people are then tempted to take them away. Hotels clearly wish to enhance the experience of guests by putting luxury items in the rooms, yet run the risk of these items being stuffed into suitcases, never to be seen in the hotel ever again.


Hotels have found a new solution and have killed two birds with one stone. On the one hand, guests are now aware of what is acceptable to take and now the hotel managers are making money on having items in the room. The new system is to have price tags on items, such as robes and pillows, so that people know they can be purchased.


Hotels have simultaneously made it clear that items such as shampoos, soaps, slippers and logo pens are there for only one guest to use and therefore can be taken home. However, other items such as logo kettles, bathroom robes and pillows shall have price tags on them. This tells the guest, in a very polite and non-incriminating way, that these items are not to be taken. On top of that, hotels can make money on their own brands and eradicate theft at the same time.


Basically, modern hotels are now selling a lot more than just sleep. Most upper class hotel rooms are stuffed with shopping materials, leaving the guest with the possibility of simply staying in the room without needing to go out onto the high street. Online shopping adds to this culture of shopping from the hotel room. In terms of the hotel’s own brands, the system has been seen as ‘renting before you buy’.


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