Sara Thopson - Jul 17, 2007

The Republic of Honduras is one of the least developed and least secure countries in Central America. Honduras occupies an area of 112,492 sq km and is inhabited by 7.2 million people. Many Hondurans work in the US and the money they send back are an important source of income for many families.


The government wants more jobs to be created. The tourism industry has the possibility to offer jobs as well as to bring foreign currencies. The Republic of Honduras has a lot to offer to tourists. It boasts of an extraordinary natural and cultural heritage. There are the Mayan ruins at Copán. UNESCO declared the Copán ruins a heritage of humanity site in 1980.  Focus on the city by archaeologists for over a century makes it the most studied city of the Maya.

A tourist can also see the second biggest barrier reef in the world here. The Copán ruins are actually a primary tourism attraction in Honduras. The Honduran tourism is however very diverse. Besides sightseeing, scuba diving is also very popular. The country has very beautiful beaches and therefore snorkeling, kayaking, swimming or the long walks on the beach are among the numerous activities tourists can enjoy in Honduras.


In December 2005 the National Strategy of Sustainable Tourism was presented. One of its main aims is to create Honduras the leading Central American tourism destination. The government promotes the country in Europe as it wants to attract more visitors from this continent. There have been investments in the infrastructure that should help the tourism industry.  Among these there is also the building of roads or an opening of a water treatment plant.

Honduras has also joined a unique passport program, which makes traveling easier through Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. However all incoming visitors need visas, except for nationals of the US, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

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