Gregory Dolgos - Nov 12, 2012

Those who are looking for a unique place to go in New England should investigate Marblehead, Massachusetts, one of the best historical enclaves in America.

Marblehead is a town 30 miles North of Boston, but is a world away. It has a few big box stores on the perimeter, but the Spirit of Independence is alive and well in historic Marblehead with its Colonial town center. Marblehead has some really unique venues and will allow the individual many options in terms of visiting this legendary area.

Marblehead is unique because it is a place where yachting millionaires can mix with the locals. There are a number of reasons to visit this maritime community. Marblehead is a historic town that was founded in 1629, and has managed to keep a number of its original buildings and settings. Marblehead with its easy mix of cultures and historical ambience is certainly a unique town and one that can be easily enjoyed.

Marblehead has a number of unique options for tourists. They can rub elbows with locals at the Muffin shop and enjoy their over the top muffins and lobster rolls, they can find in this cozy little shop. They can wander along the main street and soak up the ambience of the town. Another thing to do while in the region is to shop in some of the independent stores and boutiques that dot the area.

Among the historical sites in the region are the one of a kind Fort Sewall that has a long history of protecting liberty and freedom. One of the things that individuals should be aware of in terms of this fort is that it is a piece of living history. This fort's claim to fame was its use as defense during the War of 1812. Viewing the fort is just one of the historical activities that visitors can participate in. The burial cemetery has a number of graveside markers dating from the last century and before, and is home to some beautiful views.

Visitors can also walk or bike to the Neck and visit the park located there to find the best vistas in the entire area. Tourists may also wish to visit the beautiful and tranquil beaches that surround the region.

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