Larry Brain - Jul 17, 2007

Hawaii has a great potential as a holiday resort. Thousands of tourists long to spend their free time here, on the white sandy beaches, dive into the unbelievably cool clear blue waters and enjoy the bliss of  a true paradise on Earth. The islands are also famous for its very diverse character. On the one hand, the coastal areas are very peaceful and calm, on the other, mountain ridges are steep and of volcanic origin, and in addition, volcanic activity is permanently in progress.


Adventurers who have already decided to cross Hawaii off their list of thrilling places should reconsider; in the past few years, hiking has proved to be one of the most attractive and exciting ways of discovering Hawaii.


Both experienced hikers and beginners needn’t worry, there are dozens of trails available for all kinds of tourists’ demands. Though, it is important to understand, that Hawaii’s environment needs protection and therefore there are several restrictions as to where the tourists are allowed to enter unguided. For some areas, the adventurers need to obtain a pass. Also, it is necessary to hire an experienced guide who has profound knowledge of the very tricky terrain and will help ensure maximum safety for the travelers. Most of the hikes are located on the Bigger Island, near Waikiki.


One of the less demanding and very popular hikes takes the enthusiasts inside the Diamond Head volcanic crater, up the 175 stairs, through a 225-foot unlit tunnel to reach the observation deck, once used by the military as an observation point. A much more intense experience is the climb into the Koko crater, this time with an even 1,000 crooked stairs. Other famous hikes worth going for are the Aihualama Trail, Manoa Falls Trail, or the Judd Trail. For real dare-devils, the ridge trails are a perfect opportunity to test their courage. They are extremely challenging, though they offer airplane-views of the whole island, and such vistas are sure worth the trouble. One of the most popular of the ridge trails is the Mauumae Ridge Trail, or Lanipo, also called ‘the roller coaster workout’.


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