Anna Luebke - Feb 18, 2008
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The black continent has been going through many changes in the past decades. The political instability together with poverty present some parts of Africa in a very negative light and – no wonder – tourists are not exactly hurrying to explore the continent criss-cross. Generalization, however, is a big mistake in the context of Africa as there are many jewels which now only begin to glisten. One of such countries is the diverse Tanzania.


The range of attractions and appealing activities to indulge in here is endless. Natural treasures are the countries most precious asset. Especially the marine life presents an ideal magnet for divers. Most charming diving sites may be found along the mainland coast, as well as Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia Islands. Diving and snorkeling equipment is available for hire anywhere. Adventurers who visit Stone Town should try locally famous trips to Prison Island and Chumbe island Marine Park, whose coral beauty is strictly protected and preserved.


Deep sea fishing in the deep waters of the Indian ocean is yet another adventurous activity tourist should try. Local waters are rich for big-game fish, especially tuna, marlin or even swordfish and barracudas. Those who do not have the heart to fish for these species may go for fly-fishing on the mainland. Tanzania has plenty of lakes and rivers literally swarming with fish.


Those who do not particularly fancy water will love the breathtaking sceneries. Mountain climbing is a truly rewarding experience here – Africa’s prominent Mount Kilimanjaro is Tanzania’s biggest tourist magnet. Recently it was even named a top "Exotic Adventure" for 2008 by USA Today. However, climbing Mt. Meru does not linger too far behind considering the overall effect of the hike.


Tanzania prides itself in its wondrous safari parks. There are plenty and some have even spiced-up their services. Discovering the safari from a hot-air balloon or a canoe is absolutely unforgettable.

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