Hiking and Biking Tours Are the Most Popular in the Caucasus

Gregory Dolgos - Apr 12, 2011

Tourists visiting Armenia and Georgia mostly choose hiking and trekking trips as the best way to explore the Caucasus region. Mountain biking tours are growing in popularity as well.

The diverse landscape of the Caucasus Mountains has been attracting growing numbers of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. The pristine nature, a number of deep canyons, striking waterfalls, and impressive caves are among the most popular attractions of Georgia and Armenia. Most of the visitors opt for hiking and trekking tours which offer the best way to experience the region and the local communities.

“Walking is truly the best way to get to know the Caucasus, to meet the locals and absorb the sounds and smell of the wilderness,” said Arthur Mrktchyan, the director of AdvenTour Explorer LLC. “It is also the only way to reach unique and unspoilt natural sites and remote villages,” he added.

The itineraries of guided tours often include places that have been opened to tourists only recently. The striking mountain region of Svaneti in Georgia, the volcanic landscape and hidden caves of Lastiver in Armenia – the region is rich in stunning natural treasures.

“Mountain biking trips have become very popular in the past years as well,” said Mrktchyan. “In the Caucasus there are plenty of exciting off-road trails. Combine the dramatic mountain scenery with bathing in local hot springs and you have an ideal bike expedition.”

In Georgia the biking tours include such landmarks as volcanic Dabadzveli Plateau with Kakhisi and Tabatskuri alpine lakes, Mount Lomi, Jinvali Lake as well as impressive gorges, dense forests, scenic mountain grasslands, but also sightseeing in Tbilisi. The tired travelers can then relax in local hot mineral springs. In Armenia the bikers explore the spectacular Arpi valley, rocky Mosrov region, Camel Mount, as well as numerous traditional villages.

Caucasus tours are appealing to an increasing number of travelers who long to explore the charm and history of the ‘cradle of civilization’. Famed not only for pristine nature but also a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites the region is a perfect destination for adventurers and cultural lovers alike.




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