Ashley Nault - Jun 9, 2014
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The Spanish Confederation LGBT COLEGAS (FRIENDS) launched an alert campaign for tourists and tourism agencies about high-risk destinations “based on the hatred and discrimination that the homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual population suffers on behalf of these countries.”

There is a list of 22 homophobic countries that in recent years have harshly punished sexual diversity. The campaign is called “Don't go there.”

“Traveling to a country where, for the simple fact of loving someone who is the same sex as you, the authorities can fine you, mistreat you, or even kill you is a risk that would be stupid to take,” Javier Checa, the LGBT Tourism Coordinator for COLEGAS, expressed.

“In addition, the alternatives and the options that are, on the other hand, attractive for LGBT tourism are increasing all the time in number, and it is preferable to choose a tolerant country in Europe or America for our vacations than one in which we could end up behind bars,” he added.

The LGBT Tourism Sector of COLEGAS has studied, case by case, the worst destinations in the world regarding their hatred toward the gay community, the persecutions suffered, and the legislation that doesn't allow them to express themselves freely, that puts them in jail, and in the worst cases, that tortures them or condemns them to death.

These are the 22 sites considered the most dangerous for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, or transsexuals:

Afghanistan: Homosexual relationships are punished by being stoned to death.

Saudi Arabia: Homosexuality is penalized with punishments like prison, fines, beatings, being forced into a mental institution, amputation, or public execution.

Brunei: Recently, being stoned to death was instated for homosexuals.

Egypt: Arrests and jail time for gays, which have intensified in recent months.

The United Arab Emirates: Jail, fines, deportation for foreigners in some cases, and penalty of death

Gambia: Penalties of up to 14 years in prison

Ghana: Organized groups go on raids and “hunts” to be violent to or murder homosexuals.

Jordan: Jail time for the simple act of meeting up

India: Homosexuality was re-criminalized in 2013 after just four years of being legal.

Iran: The police, together with groups of citizens, organize “terror raids” to “clean the streets and cities of evil people and criminals” where they look for homosexuals and adulterers, among others.

Mauritania: Homosexuality is penalized with death by stoning.

Nigeria: Homosexuality is punished with whippings for single men and with prison or penalty of death for married couples. Friendly relationships and commercials with homosexuals are also prohibited.

Pakistan: Whippings of up to 100 lashes and death by stoning for having gay relations

Russia: In 2013, the “anti-gay propaganda” law prohibited any type of public manifestation of sexual diversity. Neo-nazi groups have since increased violent attacks on the LGBT community.

Senegal: Punishment of jail time for at least six months

Syria: The war climate has propelled the increase of blackmail, torture, and murder of homosexuals.

Somalia: Homosexual relations, in some areas, are punished with death and, in others, with prison time.

Sudan and South Sudan: Punishments ranging from hundreds of whippings to stoning

Uganda: At the beginning of 2014, a law was instated that condemns homosexuality with life in prison. Violence against LGBT people has become increasingly worse in recent months.

Yemen: Homosexuality punished with whippings and death by stoning

Zimbabwe: The LGBT collective is persecuted. The country's parliament is looking to approve a law similar to that of Uganda.

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  1. South Africa welcomes Gay Tourism and always has.

    South Africa legalized gay marriages many years ago and its constitution protects gay rights South Africa is known to be one of the most gay friendly countries in the world. Gay people are welcomed in the country. Make your next travel destination South Africa.

    Brad (South Africa)
  2. Update on India


    The Indian Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling for LGBT Equality - In a landmark ruling for the #LGBT community, the Indian Supreme Court earlier today granted full legal recognition to transgender individuals as a “third gender.” This encompasses all male-to-female, female-to-male, intersex, hijras, and other social minorities of transgender individuals that are part of South Asian societies. On further reading of the judgment it is also clear that discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation is now illegal across India.

    Tom (Hungary)
  3. India?

    Gosh. To put India and the harsh Islamic-stone-to-death countries on the same list is a discredit to all the work the out and open LGBT community has done in India. The Supreme Court \"recriminalized\" homosexuality basically on a technicality, saying they didn\'t have jurisdiction and punted to the legislature. That\'s awful, of course, but it is not imposition of Sharia law by any means. There are several gay bars and numerous LGBT organizations throughout India, and nobody there would face imprisonment or death for being gay (or for supporting gay causes as is the case in some countries.). I have traveled to India many times and never ever had issues. India doesn\'t belong on t

    Thomas Roth (USA)

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