Dan Rang - Nov 14, 2011

The Golden Temple and its surroundings are perhaps the most treasured highlight of the Indian city of Amritsar. To lure more visitors, authorities introduced the Amritsar heritage walk. A month has passed yet the tourists are not coming.

One of India’s most favorite tourist destinations, the city of Amritsar, belongs to the country’s most precious treasures. This striking place carries deep religious message as well as rich heritage and local Golden Temple with its surroundings has become a signature tourist destination.

In order to help promote local tourist potential, authorities decided to open a special walk for the visitors, which would focus exclusively on the heritage aspect. A month after the launch, the Amritsar heritage walk is known to few and sadly, has had no impact whatsoever on local tourism.

Tourist agents in the area explain the main issue is absolute lack of promotion. No advertising campaign was launched to raise awareness. No leaflets were printed, no boards to inform visitors of this new attraction. Worst of all, even local guides have not been explained anything and thus, travelers have basically no way of learning about the walk.

Such lack of marketing is a proper shame for local authorities, considering what the city embodies. Amritsar is a holy city, and a very important administrative centre in the state of Punjab. Its name means “holy pool of nectar” and refers to the pool which surrounds the Golden Temple, the spiritual centre of the Sikh religion.

It was built at the beginning of 17th century and not only does it lure millions of tourists, but it is a significant pilgrimage centre. It is indeed a striking complex of temples and palaces. Once here, visits during the day will certainly blow one’s mind away, yet the Golden Temple by night is a true spectacle as well.

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