Vanderlei J. Pollack - Nov 27, 2007

Dubai is already one of the most popular tourism spots in the world and it wants to become even more popular. The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) wants to attract more tourists to the Emirates. They plan to bring some 1.4 million visitors from the UK and Ireland by the year 2010.


Ireland and the UK are the top source market for Dubai as there were nearly 700,000 British guests last year. The DTCM continues with its aggressive promotional campaign that should help to fulfill the ambitious plan. About 500 tour operators, travel agents and media representatives from the UK and Ireland were brought to Dubai on familiarization tours of the emirate last year. The number of visitors continuously rises every year. There were 106,706 guests in 1996, the numbers went up to 348,477 in the year 2001 and 687,138 in the year 2006. In the first half of this year 356,259 guests from the UK stayed in Dubai’s hotels, which is seven per cent up compared with the corresponding period last year. The development could be also seen in number of flights between Dubai and the UK. During the 2006 there were 279 flights every week between the two destinations.


The Emirates is a real attraction especially for wealthy tourists. It boasts with number of world biggest things. There is for example Palm Jumeirah, the biggest man-made island. There is also the only world’s seven-star hotel. Tourists can visit Dubailand, which has 45 separate zones of fun from Olympic-sized stadiums to man-made volcanoes, to a dinosaur theme park.


All the splendor has only one flaw. Numerous migrant workers, mainly Indians, work day and night to build all those wonders. According to Human Rights Watch, these workers are subjected to abusive labor practices, denied proper medical care and live in bad conditions.


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