Andrew J. Wein - Oct 30, 2007

Hotel chains begin to react on the demand for more exercise facilities from their clients. As healthy lifestyle has become a trend in nowadays society, hotels provide various services from this sector.  For example, Hyatt Hotels provides 24-hour gyms in its properties across North America and the Caribbean. According to Matt Adams, Grand Hyatt New York vice president and managing director, there are at times more people in the gyms at 4 a.m. than at 4 p.m. "Sometimes guests need to workout before an early morning presentation and other times their bodies are on a time zone thousands of miles away. With almost 20 percent of our guests coming from international destinations, it is imperative to cater to their fitness routines away from home." Mr. Adams added.


Experts say that it is very important to keep healthy life style while traveling. This especially concerns business people who often travel long distances. "It"s important for everyone to stay fit and active to build long-term good health. However, for business travelers it"s absolutely crucial," says Amelia Watts, founder of Benefit Personal Training. Many business people have a sedentary lifestyle, they travel a lot by planes and therefore it negatively influences their health. The long trips combined with bad eating habits and high stress could result in serious health problems.  "Regular exercise can help to de-stress you, as it focuses your mind on the physical rather than the emotional, fills you with energy, and releases stress-busting hormones - endorphins," says Watts. Exercise is very useful but it does not necessary include working out in a gym. Experts advice stretching, squats or just short 20 minutes walks. Some hotels do have swimming pools; it is advisable to use them. Personal trainer, Matt Roberts suggests a swim as soon as travelers get to the hotel after a long flight. All these little things could prevent a serious health problems caused by unhealthy lifestyle.


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