Guiderer Lets You Wow Your Guests with Your Own Hotel’s Travel Guide

Andrew J. Wein - Apr 22, 2011

Got a list of places your concierges recommend? Want to turn it into a travel guide you can give to your guests, whether in print, web or mobile app? Checkout and create a guide in 15 minutes.

Guiderer uses Google Maps and Google Images to quickly find photos and contact info about the establishments you are recommending. You just need to write a reason to visit.

After creating an account, you name your guide using the Destination-for-Market-Segment formula, so you can have a Istanbul for Families or a Paris For Marriott Guests guide for your hotel. You then list your favorite spots, pull contact info and photos, and lay the tips onto day tours.

Once you are done you can see what your guide looks like. You can then turn your guide into print booklet and order hundreds of copies for as low as fraction of a dollar each. You can also order your domain, so you can have And you can also take your photos and turn it into a hip short video using Animoto’s intuitive editing solution.

Lastly, and probably most useful for the lodging industry, is the widget you get with your guide. Simply copy and paste the code into a new page of your website, like “Tour Ideas”.

“Guiderer is also great for lodging in destinations that don’t have quality travel guides, like small cities not covered by the major travel publishers” says Cristiano Nogueira, creator of the site, and adds “The more points of interest your potential guests see in your city, the more likely they are to come for a longer stay.”

Is Guiderer trying to out do sites like TripAdvisor? “Not really…We just have a different philosophy, where we believe that a local expert, such as a concierge, can probably do a better job at listing interesting places better than a hundred tourists, which is the TripAdvisor/Virtual Tourist model”, defends Nogueira.

“Besides, if you search for a city like New York, you are likely to see dozens of Guiderer guides. You can then choose the guide that most fits your style of travel.”

About Cristiano Nogueira: Cristiano launched Rio For Partiers in 2003, a print travel guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, winning a few awards in 2004 and 2008, including “Best travel publication” by the North American Travel Journalists Association”. After having heard lots of people asking him to create a guide for various cities, he decided to create Guiderer, and let them do it themselves.


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