Denise Chen - Jun 17, 2008

Many people are familiar with the images of Greece usually involving the gloriously blue Aegean Sea in the background of sun-baked sand, bottles of Ouzo, beautiful towns steeped in history and a delicious array of Mediterranean dishes. Many tend to forget another aspect relevant to the Greek tourism which is usually associated with Hollywood, Cannes or Toronto. Yes, it is the film industry. Greece is, after all, not only best for Northern Europeans and Americans in search of sun and warm sea water, yet it is also a cultural destination for film enthusiasts.


Although it may not be common knowledge to all, some very famous films have been made on Greek territory, with some of the world’s most famous actors and actresses. For example, the Greek region of Meteora is most famous for its stunning titanic monoliths and hermetic retreats from medieval times. However, along with the beautiful island of Corfu, it became the scene of the James Bond film ‘For Your Eyes Only’. Many visitors to these two places are proud to step on the same ground as Roger Moore, Topol and Carol Bouquet did in the Bond film.


Until the film ‘Zorba the Greek’ was made, Crete was most famous for representing mythology and the demi-god of Theseus. Nowadays, nobody is quite sure whether the mythology or the film brings it more fame. Anthony Quinn was the star of ‘Zorba the Greek’, later appearing in many other famous productions. In order to see the places where the film was made, it is necessary to book in advance as the areas of Skathios, Skopelos and Pelion are difficult to reach and are unable to cope with huge amounts of visitors. The above-mentioned cinematographic spectacles are amongst many others to be filmed in Greece; this year’s ‘Mamma Mia’ being the most recent money-spinner for both cinemas and agents.


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