Tourism Review News Desk - Feb 1, 2010
A new campaign of Graubünded tourism board offers week-long “dream job” holidays. Trainees will get free accommodation and meals in exchange for writing about the experience online. The easternmost canton in Switzerland, Graubünden, tries a new way to attract visitors to the region. Starting in March, the local tourism board is going to offer a special kind of one-week holiday when people will be able to try the job they have always dreamt of.  
The motto of the new campaign that will each month offer different internships is "Graubünden Gives You the Opportunity to Work". The dream job project is aimed at drawing the attention of tourists since meaningful spending of leisure time is becoming increasingly popular in the country, reported server Hotel Revue.What kind of jobs are on offer? In March people interested in ski production will be able to try it in the renowned ski manufacture in the town of Disentis. The trainee will have the opportunity to produce quality skis from high-tech materials. An experienced expert will be naturally at hand to help the trainee. For this kind of “holiday” people working in German and Dutch construction markets can apply online. Equally exclusive is the internship at Rhaetian Railway. A summer internship will also be provided in the Swiss National Park. The trainee will join the ranger and help with his daily work in the country"s largest nature reserve. The successful applicants thus can look forward to counting the ibex and similar experiences. 
All the dream jobs are presented at Graubünden Tourism’s website, where people can apply online for the job of their dreams. Once being accepted the trainees will be not only able to try new profession but the internship will also include  insurance, accommodation, meals and a special care package for free. The only thing the participants are asked to do in exchange is to inform the websites visitors about their internship, write about their experience and post videos.

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  1. What if the job of my dreams is not on the menu? I guess you have to have a specific dream (corresponding with the organizers ideas) if the campaign is to make you happy.


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