Wayne M. Gore - Sep 9, 2008

Motorbike devotees most likely feel like it is their birthday. In fact, it is the ultimate motorcycle Harley-Davidson which recently celebrated its respectable 105th anniversary of its existence. This fact had certainly a lot to do with the opening of an impressively large museum in Milwaukee, dedicated to the history and beauty of Harleys. The grand opening celebration drew thousands of H-D enthusiasts and was crowned by a performance of the great Bruce Springsteen.


The newly opened Harley-Davidson Museum lies on an area of 20 acres and there are many precious aspects to the whole exhibition. What everyone expects are naturally the individual exemplars of motorbikes including the model 1 – all together there are some 450 machines on display. Such fascinating collection is, however, complemented by a series of old and new photographs, appealing videos, diverse documents which had never before been introduced to the wide public as well as other exciting artifacts.


One of the highlights is for example the 1956 machine which Elvis Presley bought right before he became a star. Also, Russ Townsend’s unique 1973 model is on show, featuring about a thousand rhinestones.


What many parents honestly appreciate here is the fun kits each child receives upon entering the museum. The various games aim at retaining the child’s interest and attention and turn a visit to the museum into an unforgettable and educating tour.


The fun for the ‘older’ visitors who cannot wait to lay eyes on the masterpieces of Harley Davidson starts when they sit on one of the famous machines and pretend to ride and watch the passing scenery on a huge video screen ahead. The H-D Museum is one of its kind and anyone claiming to be a true enthusiast should not linger on and head for Milwaukee.


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