James Morris - Oct 30, 2007
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Playing golf is one of the most popular sporting activities all over the planet; its devotees are willing to spend immense sums of money to enjoy a truly unique golfing experience. The game has its strict rules, it has style and once you become a fan, it’s hard to quit. Golfing possibilities are very diverse and many countries are willing to invest into golf-oriented tourist activities. A very unique idea emerged in Australia, in the year 2000. In the Nullarbor Plain - where there is not much to do and people hurry to cross it in order to reach their holiday destinations - one of the roadhouse managers came up with an ambitious project.


Its main objective is to attract tourists to this remote area. It stretches approximately 1 400 km from the coastal town of Ceduna in South Australia to the frontier gold mining town of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. There is one major road to take, if one wants to drive across the plain. And according to the plan, a giant golf course is to be created along this road, the two-lane Eyre Highway.


The idea is that players arrive at a roadhouse, enjoy a whole package of services, including golf, meals and drinks, and then drive to the next hole. The total number of 18 holes will spread over 1365 km; each roadhouse will have one hole placed near their site. The golf course will be partly built on natural soil, or artificial surface.


To make the game more interesting, the golfers will be able to purchase a Score card and Ball container at either Kalgoorlie or Ceduna. Each roadhouse would confirm his game by putting a stamp on the card.


The Australian government immediately realized the potential of such tourist-attracting plan. This exceptional project was awarded an unbelievable 333 000 AUD in funding from the federal tourist minister. If everything works according to the plan, the world’s longest golf course will be finished by the end of 2008, ready to welcome golf enthusiast from all over the planet. Nullabor is thus attempting to transform from a rather dull transfer area into a legitimate part a tourist holiday. Hopefully, this plan will work and the estimated 12, 000 golfers will arrive in 2009.

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