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Once in a while everyone deserves a rewarding holiday; to go someplace nice and sunny; with clear ocean water at hand and maybe some exciting sporting attractions as well…The grand Bahamas present the ideal opportunity for all who wish to regain their energy and strength. Its popularity as a holiday destination has considerably increased thanks to the many luxurious yet affordable golf courses. Indeed, the quality of local golfing opportunities, together with the heaven-like setting of the Bahamas turns the place into a true paradise on earth.


The grand Bahamas is an independent nation in the West Indies; it unites approximately 700 islands and some small islets. And golf has a long tradition here. Nowadays, the Bahamas Golf Vacation offers amazing opportunities for individuals, groups, or even families with children. The packages vary according to location, length and – naturally – price. Some of the packages are fairly cheap, thanks to a combination of affordable airfare and accommodation. Also, some accompanying activities are part of these attractive offers; apart from the striking golfing experiences, many exciting water sports or deep sea fishing are included in the deal. Trips to various famous sites and sightseeing tours are also provided by the companies.


Local golf courses are quite varied. They range from beginner-oriented courses to difficult ones suitable for the most experienced golfers. One of the most famous is the Treasure Cay Golf Course located at Abaco. Here, the golf fees start at $60 and golfers who have been practicing their hobby for a long time will appreciate its challenges.


The Bahamas Princess Emerald and Ruby Golf Courses count among the best of the Bahamas, and so does the Fortune Hills Golf and Country Club. It is important to keep in mind that it is very wise to make the reservations in advance, especially during the peek season – after all, the Bahamas counts as one of the world’s best golfing destinations.

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