Chris Grad - Feb 27, 2007
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The oldest British colony in the world, Bermuda, is a thriving modern market for tourism. Blessed with natural beauty, it has always been popular amongst visitors from overseas. It is indeed the only island in the world with pink beaches and a turquoise sea. Spectacular scenery, perfect climate and affluence in Bermuda are the reasons why it has more golf courses per square mile than any other place on earth. 2007 will be a special year for the Bermudan golf tourism industry as the island is set to host the PGA Grand Slam between the 16th and 17th of October.


The tournament is set to be held at the Poipu Bay golf course and the participation of  the world’s greatest golfers is expected. Indeed, Tiger Woods has won the event on 7 occasions.


Most of the spectators are expected to arrive from the US and Canada, although more and more British tourists show an interest in golfing events here. The local currency is tied to the US dollar and the British are certain to be tempted by the favourable exchange rate between the dollar and the pound.


Each course in Bermuda has on-site professionals offering lessons to visitors. This is sure to attract the richer golf fanatics especially at the time of a major tournament. Furthermore, the island’s numerous luxury hotels are bound to benefit from an increased amount of visitors, most of whom are expected to reserve their rooms months in advance.

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