Kevin Eagan - Jul 22, 2008

It is one of the great topics of the modern age: global warming. Some make great efforts to prevent or to slow down its effects; others live in a world of denial. Those living in such denial concerning global warming should only take a look at the predictions concerning the expected effects of global warming on the world’s tourism industry. The phenomenon is expected to change the industry forever and the outlook can be described as anything but positive.


The negative effects are noticeable even today in the European Alps. As the temperatures rise every winter, many ski resorts are either closing or open for a fraction of the time. Skiers are being forced to travel to higher resorts. This may not seem to be too much of a problem, until of course the mountain territory runs out and European skiing becomes extinct. Staying in Europe, the rising temperatures threaten to inflict drought conditions in southern Europe, which would most certainly destroy the tourism sectors of countries such as Greece, Italy and Spain. The predicted glacier retreats in Northern Europe could be detrimental to the tourism industries of all Scandinavian countries.


Nevertheless, the most brutal damage of global warming is expected to be most evident in Asia. Taking into account the fact that 40% of the world’s population is dependant on the water of two rivers (the Ganges and the Yellow River), the elimination of Himalayan glaciers would inflict extreme poverty and economical disaster in both China and India. The destruction of tourism in these countries would be just one of the disastrous effects of global warming.


Elsewhere, the Great Barrier Reef is certain to be under threat, along with many coastal areas around the globe and the polar caps may well disappear. Money, care and effort must be ploughed into all of these areas for our planet and world tourism to stand a chance of survival.


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