Daniel A. Tanner - Aug 14, 2007

Nowadays, in order to build a theme park, the most famous of which being Disneyland, one should expect a layout of almost USD 300 million. However, it is still considered to be a worthy investment as the industry pulls in huge amounts of cash all over the globe. The fact is that they are huge attractions for children and their parents are willing to open their wallets wide to fulfill their kids" dreams. This is also why theme parks all over the world have made steps in recent times to improve what they are offering to customers.


On a similar note, new theme parks are springing up around the world, for example the proposed Dubailand expected to open next year in the Middle East. Even without such great improvements in services and attractions, this particular area of the tourism industry has been showing progress. Disneyland Hong Kong welcomed 4.40% more visitors last year, whereas the Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the UK welcomes over 6 million tourists, thus being confirmed as the British Isles" most popular amusement park.


Changes are being made to what the original American Disneyland has to offer. Resorts in Florida do not only offer the chance to stand for hours on in queues in order to catch a glimpse of Donald duck or Mickey mouse. The Americans are now offering behind-the-scene tours, giving visitors the chance to see things they have never seen before. It is now possible to experience technical, artistic and scientific operations at first hand. Tourists now have the possibility of visiting animal enclosures to see just how certain animals are kept and fed. In Sea World, a 40-minute dive is offered to those with a particular fascination with the marine world. Such tours usually last around 7 hours.


Gone are the days of tourists believing that theme parks involve nothing more than people dressed up in animal clothes and stomach-churning roller coaster rides. In order to fulfill their prowess in the world market and make such huge investments worthwhile, theme parks around the planet are pulling out the stops to attract more customers and consequently more wealth.


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