Andrew J. Wein - Sep 16, 2008

Whenever anyone refers to locals in Gibraltar as to ‘the Spanish’ they get offended. The reason is at hand – they are very proud of what they have. Gibraltar is still a British territory and recent centuries have established very strong ties with the United Kingdom. However, local cultural specifics are very appealing and inviting and thus, local inhabitants proudly refer to themselves as Gibraltarian or ‘Llanito’.


Being a VAT-free zone, shopping is the number one reason for most travelers who come here. The opportunities are vast and the level of services is very agreeable. The romantic setting of the Strait of Gibraltar is perfect for holiday makers. English is widely spoken here; however, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and even Russian may be heard too.


The beauty of local scenery is breathtaking. The limestone rocks and cliffs are admired by both adventurers and scientists. The famous Lower Michael’s Cave attracts with its captivating underground lake and tourists are welcome to prearrange visits. The cave system is overall very intricate. Another very popular cave – the St. Michael’s Cave is even used for concerts and other shows.


There are many fun activities which the destination offers: diving, yachting, fishing, and windsurfing are great here. Bird-watchers will also appreciate the natural richness of Gibraltar. Furthermore, there are several agencies that offer tourist packages including natural history trips for adventurers and families. Dolphin-watching is also one of the fun activities which are available to the wide public.


Local specific attractions are the Barbary Macaques; the only wild monkeys found in Europe. It is not exceptional when these fun little creatures pay a visit to the town.


Great services of Gibraltar include tasty cuisine – a much frequented area is the Marina bay and Ocean Village that offer enchanting views as well as unforgettable food.

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