Samuel Dorsi - Sep 25, 2007

Situated at an altitude of 8.600ft on the west fork of the Dolores River in the San Juan Mountains there is the Coloradan resort Dunton Hot Springs. At first glance, with its eery atmosphere and unique location, one would hardly think of the place as a tourist trap. This could be no further from the truth as Luxury Travel Magazine recently rated Dunton as one of the world’s top 10 places to visit. Perhaps the fact that it is so unknown, especially outside the US, makes it so attractive to those who visit regularly.


The surrounding nature is simply awesome, with mountains as high as 14.000 ft, a variety of waterfalls, lakes and rivers. This makes Dunton ideal for those looking for an interesting walking holiday or nature lovers. Other typical activities of the town include fly-fishing, hiking and horse riding. Many are drawn to Dunton purely thanks to the special style of accommodation on offer. The guest cabins are made of 19th century hand-hewn logs, equipped inside with according luxury amenities. It is joy even to look at it. Those visitors coming to Dunton thinking that they will be bored in such a remote ghost town are often surprised by the variety of things to do and see. This is particularly applicable to elder tourists who come to stroll and relax yet find themselves caught up in the surroundings and variety of activities available.


One of the attractions offered by Dunton worthy of note is the helicopter tourism on offer. Helicopters land directly in the centre of town, metres only from the saloon. Virgin basins of deep powder are just 7 minutes of flying time away. For special events, the whole resort is available for rent for exclusive corporate retreats, reunions and weddings. The ghost town of Dunton is definitely worth seeing.


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