Dan Rang - Feb 26, 2008

The Valentine’s Day celebration has been becoming immensely popular all over the globe in the last two decades. Even non-English speaking countries appreciate the idea of celebrating love and friendship– in all their possible forms. Several weeks preceding February 14th, everything turns pink and red, roses and chocolate are to be found literally everywhere. In African Ghana, Valentine’s Day is a really popular celebration for locals. However, since 2007, the concept of February 14th has slightly changed - the day has been declared the National Chocolate day.


Ghana is actually one of the world’s most important cocoa producers. And thus, local Ministry of Tourism has come up with an unusual concept, which would establish an appealing trend of chocolate tourism in the country. In order to promote the National Chocolate Day, 75 trained chefs are in charge of putting together an exhibition of chocolate pastries which by far exceed the spectators’ expectations.


Furthermore, Ghanaian religious leaders find the concept of celebrating the National Chocolate Day very agreeable as well. They agree that Valentine’s Day partially encourages young people to commit to casual sex. Thus, aiming the celebrations in a slightly different direction seems like a very sympathetic and more patriotic option.


Ghana needs tourists and thus is attempting to attract visitors by very extraordinary means.


Those who decide to visit this interesting destination will learn that there is also much more to Ghana. Many actually compare the country to Thailand. It has stunning beaches, rainforests, beautiful mountains and tempting culture – which only need to be discovered. The very Northern Region is – from a cultural perspective – very appealing. Tourists who come here get a unique opportunity to observe local way of life or even follow the trace of former West African Slaves.

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  1. Like Thailand with rainforests and great beaches ! Wow i never knew that!

    i think to alot of people, all African countries are like Sub-Sharan Africa, drought and conflict ridden!

    But if this is true about Ghana, with their Cocoa resource and their other natural wonders, they have amazing potential to draw tourist for an amazing experiece which would serve a good cause!


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