Andrea Hausold - Jun 24, 2008

When designing their holiday itinerary, many tourists have already a set of expectations and requirements in mind. Many eager travelers agree that choosing the right accommodation facility is often the deciding factor passing the final judgment over their holiday.


In recent years, hotel entrepreneurship has become a very appealing branch of the tourist industry. The competition is fierce and the categories include hotel and room design, delicious cuisine, location and lately, originality has been setting the course. The British largest hotel chain Premier Inn has recently announced an unrivalled plan: to open the first hotel on the moon.


In order to do so, Premier Inn has already bought the option to obtain a 43,000 square-foot site on the moon. The surprisingly optimistic prognosis for the future states that first extraterrestrial tourists will be able to spend their holiday in the hotel within twenty five years. The hotel representatives claim that with respect to the speeding process of space exploration and new scientific discoveries constantly under way, this time range is very feasible.


As for the design of the hotel, some information has already been revealed for the curious observers. The greatest asset of the facility is – of course – the million-dollar view of the Earth. Each room will be similar to a glass ‘pod’. The state-of-the-art equipment will also include a very friendly ‘touch’ – for an extra fee, a cleaning robot will be distributed for each room.


The company is very serious about such ambitious project. A creative team of designers and engineers has been formed in order to work on the project and carefully develop the design and plans for the development of the project. As the hotel management states, this is just the beginning of an extremely demanding and difficult process. Hopefully the following years will present the whole world an opportunity to see the transition of this dream to exciting reality.


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