Andrew J. Wein - Mar 6, 2007

Visitors to the Caribbean always claim it is a paradise on earth. Local waters are crystal clear, and offer great quality diving. Generally, water sports are the number one hit in the Caribbean. From basic swimming or snorkeling, to the challenges of windsurfing and surfing, the Caribbean will simply overwhelm the tourist with the great variety of activities it offers.



Surfing is one of the favorite water sports here. Surfing demands some physical skill to a certain extent. There are, however, instructors and specialized schools for those eager to learn.



Sailing has been experiencing a boom in these areas lately. Sailing competitions are widespread and even include world championships.



Sports lovers are encouraged to try waterskiing or parasailing, jet skis or even water bikes. Knee boards, wakeboards, and trick skis are available for hire everywhere in the major centers.



For lazier visitors, there are trips in glass-bottomed boats that allow tourists to watch the underwater life of the reefs in comfort. Snorkeling is a possibility during such trips. Kayaking has been an important part of snorkeling trips as well, as it enables tourists to reach remoter snorkeling areas.



Yet the most magnificent experience is to dive into the deep and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to observe its incredibly rich underwater life. The reef is still very well preserved and is the world’s third largest; local tropical fish and diverse sea plants have been a great attraction especially when combined with the hundreds of shipwrecks on the sea bed.


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