Samuel Dorsi - May 6, 2008

On the basis of recent polls, hosted by the meeting and event barometer of 2008, Germany has been confirmed as the number one event destination in Europe, number two in the world behind the United States. The judgments were made on the basis of flight connection quality, event location standards and the professionalism of the convention centres.


Many say that Germany has such a great repertoire thanks to its geographical location right in the centre of Europe, its size and the fact that the vast majority of Germans are very linguistically competent. Problems relating to these issues are found in many countries but not in Germany. A further attractive aspect of staging events in Germany, for locals as well as foreigners, is the fact that Germans are near the top of the list of world environment respecting nations. Plus, health and safety issues rarely play any role as the standards are so high.


It was discovered that large cities of 500.000 people and above, of which there are many in Germany, are the most likely destinations for event hosting. Historical cities, of which there is also no shortage in Germany, are in second place behind the economic regions. It is fair to say that Germany can offer a huge variety of places. Thanks to the abundance of positives, 83% of experts have suggested that trends in growth are more than likely to continue. Indeed, hotel capacities are on the up and the general image of the German tourism scene as a whole is soaring. Whereas the southern neighbours in Europe make money from sun and sea, Germany quite happily cashes in from business meetings and events.


2007 saw 2.8 million events held in Germany, 6% up on the previous year. Increases have followed yet 2007 saw the greatest rise so far. Again, experts say that the sky is the limit for German event tourism. To be fair, when a country receives in event tourism 4 times the amount of its own population in visitors, the world should take notice. Germany may well become the event capital of the world in the very near future.


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