Chris Grad - Nov 4, 2008

Let’s face it: the German people have very little to be proud of in the past century of their country’s history. Indeed, the last century of German history is littered with events that are better to forget and focus on the country’s current status as an economic superpower with a superb standard of living.


However, the Germans see the situation slightly differently and tend to want to remember the past, even wishing for foreigners to do the same. Just as Munich is host to the so-called “Munich Hitler tours”, many German cities are set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall next year.


The Berlin Wall has been a symbol of terror and brutality of a regime, which saw today’s Germany split into two parts. Although many cinematic productions would have you believe otherwise, “only” around 200 people were shot at the site of the wall. The reason for this is that no other structure on the planet at the time struck so much fear into one nation that only the most daring even attempted to approach it. It was something like a smaller and more brutal modern version of the Great Wall of China.


The year 2009 shall see a number of events commemorating the fall of the wall. There shall be an open-air exhibition in Berlin’s Alexanderplatz between the 7th and 9th of November next year in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the pulling down of the structure. A number of museums shall also be devoted to the famous wall of terror.


For those fond of walking, the 160 km trail shall be available for inspection, including the longest part, which still stands, i.e. the Muhlenstrasse. The birthplace of the fall of the wall, Leipzig, is also set to host an array of celebrations, which should see former East Germans and West Germans dancing together on the site of a wall, which used to keep them apart.


  1. I always wanted to go to Berlin and see THE WALL - before tourists completely destroy it by taking a small stone as a souvenir. I hope the remains will always stay in Berlin to remind us of the horrors humans are able to do.

    (Czech Republic)

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