Justin N. Froyd - Aug 26, 2008

Last year, German individual tourists spent about 50 billion Euros on their travels. Corporate traveling cost the German companies more than €48,7 billion – that is almost €100 billion. Adding the traveling expenses of the Austrians (18 billion) and the Swiss (9 billion), we come to the figure of more than €127 billion that were spent for traveling by the German speaking tourists only.
Germans are one of the most travel-devoted nations of the world. More than four out of five inhabitants older than 14 years (82,1%) have been on a holiday in the last ten years. More than one half (54%) has traveled to other European countries for their vacancies and 16% have spend their holidays outside Europe. On the other hand, one in five Germans said they haven’t been for a holiday at all in the last ten years.
Closely related to the growing number of tourists from both Germany itself and abroad, the number of hotels is growing extensively. 410 hotels are nowadays being built or reconstructed here. The biggest ones, overall with more than 1000 rooms, can be found in Brandenburg. The largest single hotel project – the Scandic Hotel with 572 rooms – is situated in Berlin on the Potsdammer Square. In a whole, 66,000 new hotel rooms are in construction in Germany at the moment.


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