Samuel Dorsi - Mar 25, 2008

Germany is famous for its beer, with the Bavaria region being the world capital in beer consumption. It is famous for a number of events involving the sacrilegious beverage, including the Oktoberfest, yet many tourism enthusiasts perhaps neglect the romance offered by the country’s, and especially Bavaria’s multiple brewery hotels and guesthouses. For the beer lover, it eliminates the obligation of taking a taxi back to another hotel and enables him/her to just fall into bed after a night of solid tasting.


One of Germany’s most famous brewery hotels is in Irsee, between Fussen and Munich. This cozy and spacious abode has a total of 53 rooms and is unique in the way that visitors are able to live through just how the beer used to be brewed by monks in the middle ages. Even today, the beer is still brewed in copper fermentation tanks, just like it was long time ago. Visitors are also offered the opportunity to enjoy a slide show about the history of the brewery and experience an hour and half tour around it.


In the shadow of the Alps lies the Aying hotel, on the S-Bahn to Munich. This brewery is famous for the maltiness of its beers and has a long-standing reputation in the business. Indeed, it has been one of Bavaria’s top restaurants for around 500 years. If you are looking for something not quite so commercial in the field of brewery hotels, then perhaps the Gasthof Goldener Löwe is perfect for you. Although its website is, at the time of writing still only in German, visitors can relax with the knowledge that it has a golden reputation for being an unpretentious, well-managed and extremely hospitable hotel. It may not be as famous as the two mentioned above, yet is well worth a visit for slightly differing reasons.

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