Ashley Nault - Mar 25, 2008

The spa industry has a bright future. Growing number of hoteliers include spas within their facilities. This was once a comparative advantage but nowadays it is becoming more and more usual. Spas are very popular these days and their popularity is still increasing. It has a lot to do with the health life style trend.


According to a spa expert and CEO of Schletterer Wellness & Spa Design, Heinz Schletterer, in the future the culture of customers will be even more important than today. He claims that it will be necessary to adjust the spa facilities to the particular target group. For instance, sauna is a place to communicate in the UK, a place of body care in Northern and Eastern Europe and place of calmness in the Alpine region. Arabs on the other hand require a strict gender-segregation. For these reasons architecture will be more important for the future spa development.


Speaking of architecture, some experts think that the time of purism is definitely over. There will be a new approach to architecture of spas. The idea is that the facilities should be cozy and they also should provide their guests with new experience. Also the room size is expected to double soon.


Private spa services, another trend that is on the rise. Growing number of hotels will offer special spa suites that will enable guests to enjoy various services without having to leave their room. Popularity of medical spas will grow and a new big market will appear – the old. Their numbers will, thanks to the increasing life expectancy, continuously grow. Last but not least, the factor that will influence the sector is the increasing global mobility which will cause even fiercer competition it the tourism sector.


These are expectations for rather remote future like 2020 but what will be the development in 2008? Every year, spas include some new treatments in their menus. This year more spas in the US will offer e.g. natural therapies to promote fertility or lessons of sleep yoga.


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