Andrea Hausold - Jul 25, 2023
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The number of French municipalities that qualify as "stressed zones" for the rental housing market has tripled. The government aims to encourage traditional housing use, which has become increasingly expensive in the country.

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, has proposed 14 measures to address the issue of Airbnb and other tourist rentals. These rentals have caused a scarcity of affordable housing options throughout the country. To tackle this problem, three ministries, namely Tourism, Local Policy, and Housing have joined forces to create a bill to minimize the impact of Airbnb on the long-term rental market.

These measures aim to ensure long-term rental options and encourage traditional housing rather than furnished tourist rental accommodations, such as those offered by Airbnb. While some of these measures are already in effect, they will now be implemented nationally.

It has been determined that housing with low energy efficiency ratings of F and G will gradually be prohibited for use as tourist rentals. This restriction only applies to areas experiencing housing stress, where an empty housing tax is implemented. The number of municipalities subject to this tax will triple, including 345 in Corsica.

The registration number and tax identification number of a dwelling will now be consolidated onto one platform for improved and targeted monitoring. This will enable us to identify individuals and businesses who fail to comply with regulations.

Furthermore, a centralized resource will streamline local authorities' oversight of furnished accommodations, making penalties easier to enforce.

Lastly, the prefects have identified ten pilot territories for implementation. The French Basque Country's requirement for tourist accommodation owners to have long-term accommodation in the same city will also be studied.

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