Vanderlei J. Pollack - Apr 20, 2015

In 2014, Americans travelling to Europe favored France. 3.22 million of them visited the country, a new record, according to Atout France. The favorable exchange rates against the Dollar should help maintain good tourism figures in 2015 as well.

With 3.22 million of tourist arrivals on French soil from the USA in 2014, the growth of this market is about 4%. A record number, according to Atout France, adding that “France strengthened the position of European leader it has held in Americans’ heart since 2011.”

According to a February 2015 Gallup poll, 82% of Americans have a favorable view of France, behind Canada and Great Britain (92% and 90%, respectively) and ahead of Germany (81%). This is France’s best score since this question was asked for the first time, notes the polling organization. Also worth mentioning are the strengthened links between France and the USA since the January attack against Charlie Hebdo.

Dollar against Euro

According to Atout France, there should still be many American travelers in France in 2015, notably due to the favorable exchange rate for the Dollar. “A very positive economic climate today, combined with a strong Dollar that hasn’t deterred Europeans from visiting the United States (+35% in 2014)”, notes the organization in charge of promoting tourism in France.

Several events should strengthen the image of France in the United States, like the arrival of the frigate “Hermione” (a tribute to Lafayette’s 1780 trip) between June and July, or the “Best of France” event on September 26th and 27th on Times Square, in New York.

Leadership in Europe

France is indeed Americas’ favorite European country. This statement is based on statistics delivered by national tourist offices and compiled in a study. For France, the Atout France estimates are “based on airline tickets sales from the US to France (+6.6%. Source: ARC) from travel agencies (including OTA), hotel rooms rental by Americans in Paris and its region (+3.7%. Source: CRT PIDF), and the evolution of flows to Europe (+4.2%. Source: US Department of Commerce)."

The second country most-visited by Americans on the Old Continent is Great Britain (3.01 million arrivals, according to the study), then Spain (1.22 million US visitors) and Ireland (1.17 million). The 2014 figures for Italy are not yet available due to a “reorganization of ENIT”, explains the Transatlantico study. They could change the situation, since Italy welcomed 3.45 million Americans in 2013.


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