Gregory Dolgos - Aug 24, 2015
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According to a Protourisme study, plus 500 million euros, is the revenue’s growth of tourist accommodation in France this summer.

There is a great summer outlook for French tourism with a 3.5% increase in night shopping between the 1st of July and the 10th of August. This summer, the tourist destinations on the upswing can thank the good weather conditions and the distrust about the Maghreb destinations.

The Mediterranean Coast that realized +5%, benefited from the “last minute bookings” increase on the coast while the results were more mixed in the hinterland. If most of the coastline benefits from a progression of French and foreign customers, with an increase of 3% for the South Atlantic coast and Brittany, the destinations that had benefited from exceptional events last year are staying in the background this year such as Normandy and the North coast.

Rural destinations have not benefited as much as the coastline from last minute bookings, with a slightly slow-motion season for the six-week summer in the Massif Central, the central region and the East of France, except for Alsace that is experiencing a 3% increase. The Ile de France region is slightly growing regarding the nights booked, but the luxury hotel industry is suffering from a drop in sales due to the decrease of the high purchasing power customers from the Middle East, Russia and some emerging countries.

Among the accommodation types, we notice an evolution regarding the nights booked for this six-week summer with an increase of 6% for the rental of furnished accommodations, 4% for the open-air hotels and tourist residences, and 2% for the holiday villages and the hotel trade in general.

According to Protourisme, the 2015 season will be better than the 2014 one, but in a contrasted way depending on the territories for July and August. With a good month of May and June, and good prospects for September, 80% of French destinations and tourism operators will show an increase at the end of the season. The level of this increase will depend on the end of the season. We can notice a drop for foreign destinations these last days due to less favorable weather. However, France is still valued by 77% of participants.

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