Denise Chen - Apr 17, 2017

In spite of violence at various destinations, foreign tourism in Mexico is growing. The number of international visitors increased by 4.1 per cent during the first two months of the year, in comparison with the same time period in 2016.

The Bank of Mexico reported that between January and February a total of 5.8 million international tourists arrived in the country, while during the same period of last year 5.5 million visitors were welcomed. The number only refers to overnight travelers.

According to the Central Bank, foreign tourism in Mexico brought revenues reaching 3 713.2 million dollars, an increase of 10.5 per cent compared to the first two months in 2016. In this case, the data include expenses made by tourists and non-overnight tourists.

Mexico registered a record number of almost 35 million tourists in 2016, which made it the eighth most visited country in the world and the first in Latin America.

Last Monday was the beginning of Holy Week vacation, the longest time off in the country.

The Director of the Energy Secretariat, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, assured that gasoline prices should not go up as a consequence of the holiday.

“We do not believe that gasoline prices should go up. If we have a stable exchange and the international prices of gasoline do not change, then they should not rise,” the official said as he was questioned about the fuel prices.

Domestic tourism generates 85 cents for each peso that is spent for tourism. Foreign tourism generates 15 per cent. To be a tourist within the country is to be patriotic, declared the director of the Tourism Secretariat, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero.

Holy Week vacation represents the longest holiday of the whole year when many Mexicans travel. Even the summer season numbers for domestic tourism are usually lower than during this week. 

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