Bill Alen - Dec 9, 2008

Britain has a terrible reputation for its citizens being unable to behave properly and orderly when intoxicated. The government has gone to great lengths to deal with such problems by heavily taxing alcohol, constantly advertising the dangers of alcohol and even changing licensing hours to avoid the customary binge drinking before the traditional closing hour of 23:00. Now, the government is even considering cancelling happy hour drinking but the outlook is grim as Britons continue to drink heavily, especially at weekends. So, if prevention is impossible, surely cure is the only remaining option. This is why 30.000 GBP has been plunged into the new ‘flip-flop’ scheme.

In Torbay through an initiative Safer Communities Torbay flip-flips are to be offered to drunkards, mostly to women in high heels, who struggle to walk home when inebriated. It has been claimed that this will reduce the amount of injuries caused by dangerous footwear. The rubbery footwear shall be covered in government warnings about the dangers of consuming alcohol and shall be provided on the streets as well as on the so-called safe bus, which provides free condoms, rape alarms and a range of personal safety information.

Christian volunteers are to hand out the ‘safe’ footwear. The flip-flops shall be brought directly to pubs and handed out to those looking like they may have had one too many beverages. The scheme has been welcomed by a number of women who claim that walking drunk in high heels is far from pleasant.

As alcohol related deaths in the UK are rising, indeed, they doubled between 1991 and 2005, it seems that any new scheme to reduce the Friday and Saturday night chaos would be welcome. Although some non-drinking taxpayers have attacked the expense of the scheme, if the ‘flip-flops’ subdue the level of injuries, they may well change their tune.


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