Andrew J. Wein - May 13, 2008

When asked where is the greatest place, or city, to visit in the world, most people would most probably reply with an answer something in the region of Paris, London or New York. Maybe even destinations with famous monuments would get a mention. However, these are the destinations the travel agencies and airlines want you to believe to be the best as there is more money in it for them. The truth is that many tourists find satisfaction in places many have never even heard of or considered visiting. These are the places which appeared on the top of the ‘world’s top 100 destinations’ poll, conducted by the TripAdvisor website, which has more than 25 million visitors per month. The poll concerning the top 25 European destinations also threw up some interesting names.


Milford Sound in New Zealand earned the label of being the best place to visit in the world, closely followed by Queensland, New Zealand. The best British result came in the form of Bath, the town described as an open-air museum with scatterings of quaint pubs. Staying with British representation, Edinburgh came in at 27th, York at 54th, Stratford-Upon-Avon at 67th and London at a surprising 84th. The British reputation of relaxing airports, friendly atmosphere and beautiful nature may not be all it is cracked up to be after all. Edinburgh proudly beat some of its English rivals, many claiming that it is a city which reflects its proud past whilst giving off a vibrant present.


In the European poll, Italy was voted the best European country to visit and had seven entries in the top 25 European places to visit. The typically romantic destinations such as Barcelona and St. Petersburg scored surprisingly low results. The Greek Island of Rhodes and Salzburg in Austria gained the gold and silver medals respectively.


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