Chris Grad - Feb 17, 2009
38 enthusiasts already booked their stay in the Galactic Suite space hotel set to open in 2012. For € 3 million each guest gets 18 weeks of training and 4 days in the hotel including the first ever space spa.

The first space hotel scheduled to be operational in three years is being developed by the Space Tourism Company Galactic Suite. Although some critics doubt that the facility will be open by then there are already 38 reservations.

Most people interested in this form of vacation come from the U.S. (8 people) followed by the UAE (7 people). Others are from Spain, China, Russia, Australia, and South America. Although the tourists will spend full four days 450 km above the Earth the trip really is only for the super rich customers, because it costs € 3 million.

The hotel will be composed from modules that will be connected to a central part. The modules must fit into a rocket that will transport them into space. The modules will have diaphragm windows that can be slid back. The view of Earth under your feet after all will be one of the most interesting attractions of the trip. The suite will go round the earth at 30,000km/h and it will complete 15 orbits a day. This will enable the guests to see more sunsets and sunrises in one day.

To experience the state of weightlessness itself is certainly very interesting. The visitors of the Galactic Suite will also have the possibility to enjoy a bath in the state of weightlessness. They will be the first people to experience outer space spa visit. A spherical container will be filled with a 20 liters water bubble, which could be separated in thousands of smaller ones. The price of the trip also includes 18 weeks of astronaut training that will take place on one of the Caribbean islands.

There are, however, serious concerns about the project. Some experts do not believe the project could be finished by 2012 because the needed hardware has not yet been built nor tested. It also seems that there might not be enough money to finish the project.


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