More Famous Hostels Than Ever Before

Gary Diskin - Mar 31, 2011

Europe's Famous Hostels has increased its membership to 30 fantastic hostels, offering a wider network to backpackers travelling Europe.


Five new hostels in Italy, Spain and Hungary have been selected as the best hostels in their locations, offering great value, atmosphere and a safe stay in each city. This fits with the association's ethos of creating a great experience while travelling in Europe.

New members in the pan-European network are The Maverick Hostel in Budapest, Seven Hostel in Sorrento, Hostel of the Sun in Naples, Oasis Backpacker's Hostel in Granada and Oasis Backpacker's Hostel in Seville.

While the hostel industry continues to grow, so does the Famous Hostel network, delivering the best accommodation across Europe. The new hostels are great new additions and look forward to being part of Europe's Famous Hostels in 2011.


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