Daniel A. Tanner - Sep 11, 2017
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There are still several months left till Valentine’s day, but every date is good for a trip with your partner. Europe is full of places ideal for a romantic trip for a couple of days.

For its architectural beauty, the Old continent is one of the main destinations for couples from all over the world. In Europe there are many romantic destinations. brings the top 5 of the best places for the lovebirds.


The capital of France is a must-visit for every couple. Every year Paris is visited by lovers who want to spend a few days here enjoying the charms of a unique city. After all, a photo next to your partner in front of the Eiffel Tower is obligatory if you visit Paris, one of the world's best romantic destinations. But it is not only the Eiffel Tower, but also the Pont des Arts, where couples from all over the world leave a padlock symbolizing their love. In addition, Montmartre, the Champs Elysees, Louvre, Notre-dame are also must-visit places in Paris. Or you can just take a stroll along the Seine river.


This city also makes a song to love. Venice is considered one of the most romantic places in the world. And if you travel by its channels it is mandatory to take a gondola ride with your partner. In addition, this Italian city is also greatly famous for its gastronomy that only adds up to the charm.


This city never leaves anyone indifferent. The capital of the Czech Republic is unknown to many, but has a charm that makes in one of the main romantic destinations. Here it is obligatory to go up to the hill of lovers and kiss your partner next to the sculpture of the poet Macha. It is also ideal to take a cruise on the Vltava river and take a walk around the old town or cross the Charles Bridge.


The pearl of the Danube is another of great unknowns for the general public. However, every year it receives millions of tourists. It is an ideal destination for a romantic trip. Spas are a great tradition in the Hungarian capital that has architecture making it unique. It is also worth it to pay a visit to the Chain Bridge or the Liberation Bridge illuminated at night.


The capital of Italy is a key romantic destination. The eternal city has a special charm thanks to its infrastructures and rich gastronomy. Among the must-see places are the Fontana di Trevi, Colosseum, Monti district, Trastevere, Capo di Fiori, or the banks of the river Tiber.

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