Vanderlei J. Pollack - Apr 10, 2007

Recently, a Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention was held in Miami. There was agreement among the delegates, startling at first hearing, that “The Mediterranean is the new Caribbean.”  It would seem that the days are gone when the cruise-line operators would send their newest and most luxurious ships to the Caribbean and keep the older ones for European waters. This has been rapidly changing. Operators like Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Lines are now sending their hottest ships to Europe.


A cruise holiday can have many advantages, especially for families with children: sleeping in the same bed each night whilst making regular land stops is a plus; there is no need to move your luggage from one hotel to another, or to deal with tiring transport issues; many attractive destinations are included in one voyage; the clients themselves get to organize their own free time; generally, food standards on board are good and cabins are comfortable.


You can either plan ahead, and arrange your stay on land independently, or you may go with whatever the cruise line offers. Recommend trips can be diverse; for example, visiting a perfume factory in France or test-driving a Ferrari in Italy.


A cruise holiday is probably the most practical way of both educating and amusing children and it is attracting more and more families.  In response to the demand, the operators have designed special family packages and deals and this has proved to be a success with a significant increase in bookings.


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