Joe McClain - Apr 29, 2008

Though many may be unaware of its existence, the EU blacklist, banning some of the world’s airlines from entering European airspace is continuing to grow. The list is based on safety fears and does not entertain the idea of unsafe airlines, most of which come from Congo or Indonesia, putting Europeans in danger. Although the blacklist sympathises with many efforts made by various airlines to rectify safety problems, the rules remain quiet strict and it may be some time before some of the world’s lesser known airlines are allowed to pass through Europe.


As mentioned earlier, most of the blacklist’s members come from Indonesia or Congo. Indeed, both of these countries have been littered with air disasters in recent years. Congo recently suffered a crash when an engine failed before taking off. 75 passengers were the victims of this lack of safety routine. Many other airlines with safety issues come from Kyrgyzstan and Angola. Other banned airlines are closer to Europe. Currently, three Ukrainian carriers are on the list. These airlines experience the most problems due to the strictness of the list as they often need to fly through Europe. On the other hand, airlines in Congo and remote Asian republics can survive rather well without needing to use the European space.


The commission has stated on many occasions that it hopes to deal with problems from the European side yet also attempts to resolve safety issues for the problematic airlines abroad. The checks are carried out on a quarterly basis upon which decisions are made whether to blacklist some airlines or not. For example, when the next check comes around, airlines such as Mohan Air of Iran will be hoping that their recent ban will be lifted. The commission has no political bias, only safety issues play a relevant role.


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