Bill Alen - Sep 11, 2007

July 2007 has been described as one of the worst episodes in history for US airport security. Indeed, experts have labelled the whole system as a laughing stock as a result. Not only was it discovered that uniforms worn by airport security staff (TSA) are available for purchase in local Salvation Army stores, meaning that any imposter could pretend to be an employee of the airport with very little effort, yet also that employees had been found smuggling marihuana and weapons through checkpoints purely thanks to their uniform giving them an innocent appearance. On a similar note, New York Federal inspectors earlier this month tried an experiment of trying to smuggle a bottle of water and a fake bomb through security. The amazing outcome of the experiment was that the fake bomb survived all checks without any problem yet the water was confiscated.


In reaction to such comical events, the European Union has announced plans to introduce stricter security at European airports in order not to experience the same problems as the Americans. The system of electronically screening passengers was implemented in America a short time ago and is set to be introduced in Europe. It is not yet known how Europeans are likely to react to such new measures yet avoiding the scenes from across the Atlantic is of utmost importance.


Some experts have even claimed that most airport security is a mere theatre and many unnecessary rules and regulations cover up what is really needed to be done. It has been suggested that confiscating cigarette lighters is a waste of time as determined criminals will always get through security checks.


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