Andrew J. Wein - Oct 26, 2009
The European Travel Commission has announced its 3rd quarterly report about the state of tourism on the continent. The results are not promising yet the end of the recession may be nigh and hotels and airline companies may have better times to look forward to. The repercussions of the world economic crisis on the global tourism industry are no secret. Hotels are getting used to having more cleaners than guests and airlines have been forced to slash their prices to almost comical rates. According to the European Travel Commission’s latest report 2009 has so far been the lowest point since the 30’s as countries all over Europe have been suffering a lot. People simply either do not have the cash for travelling or they are scared to spend their cash on travel. The unemployment rates have risen by an astonishing 9,5% in Euro zones and are expected to stay around 10% throughout next year. Those reliant upon tourism for money are often struggling to keep their heads above water.Many central and Eastern European countries have suffered declines in tourism, which have reached double figures. Indeed, Europe in general has experienced a fall of 7/8% in revenue from tourism since the turn of the year. Couple this with the fact that the situation was bleak in January and this spells disaster. Indeed, Iceland and Sweden are the only countries to report moderate growth in northern Europe.Despite the looming threat of a swine flu pandemic, 2010 may look a little rosier. Hotels and transport companies are expected to recover at least a little from this nightmare year. A lot depends on the media portrayal of the recession. If people are continually led to believe that they should not spend money, then tourism will suffer more. If suggestions are made that the recession is ending then hotel stays may increase. Related:HOTEL ROOMS ARE GETTING CHEAPER WORLD WIDESTUDY: EASTERN EUROPE 35% CHEAPER THAN THE WEST 

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