Gary Diskin - Aug 12, 2008

‘Elite Traveler’ is a magazine for precisely those described in the title. As the editor states in the magazine, the readers do not see money as an issue worth worrying about at all. Instead, their aims involve prestige and experiencing the best. In an age where budget airlines are the most popular and competition amongst travel organisations is huge in terms of offering the best price, it is worthy of interest to take a look at the elite layer of the worldwide tourism industry for a short while. The magazine recently came up with the world’s most expensive hotels, in its study of the 101 most interesting resorts. Naturally, price served only as an incentive rather than a minus point.


The world’s most expensive hotel is the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva in Switzerland, where one of the luxury suites will set you back $52,000 per night. The Geneva luxury is closely followed by the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Attica, Greece which charges an average of $50,000 per night. The bronze medalist for having the highest price is some way behind, in France charging a mere $30,000 per night.


In the USA, the most expensive hotel is the Ty Warner Penthouse Four Seasons Hotel in New York, which sets visitors back $30,000 per night. In Asia, the two most expensive hotels are to be found in Delhi, India. In a land tortured by disease and poverty, it is possible to find accommodation for $5,000 per day in the capital. The next most expensive accommodation available in Asia is to be found in Malaysia.


The magazine ‘Elite Traveler’ strives to visit and review these luxurious locations for the benefit of readers who see spending huge amounts of money on hotels to be a positive aspect of holiday time.


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