Tourism Review News Desk - Sep 30, 2008

The Red Sea region used to be overlooked by tourists for many decades – the local unstable political circumstances simply shifted the attention away from this beautiful area. Luckily, this is no longer true and many striking places are now luring their visitors. One such place is the city of Eilat, Israel.


The history of this place goes long back to the wise king Solomon. The advantageous position of this area turned the Eilat port into a very important asset. The city itself was established only in 1950. Located on the edge of a desert, local weather conditions remain very convenient throughout the year and the area remains warm basically all the time.


Eilat has many charms and is incredibly diverse. There are activities to do both in and outside of the city. The luxurious hotels and very fine restaurants only contribute to the breathtaking scenery, lovely beaches and crystal-clear waters. The marine riches to explore are plentiful. Especially local Coral Reserve and very appealing underwater conservatory attract a lot of visitors. The fascinating variety of fish and friendly dolphins turn every dive into a miraculous adventure.


A trip to the nearby Red Canyon is an absolute must – especially when the tourists hire a land rover and have a bit of fun just by driving there. In the nearby Negev Desert, many tourists seek the Timna Valley National Park, which combines overwhelming natural beauty with precious archeological finds and prehistoric rock-paintings.


Eilat is a city of fun and vitality. The outstanding variety of bars, clubs and restaurants will satisfy even the most demanding traveler. Overall, even the colorful streets and shops create a very friendly and charming atmosphere which is hard to forget. An adventure for both adults and children is a day spent in the King’s City theme park which presents the history of this region as well teaches about the Bible.


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