Tomas Haupt - Jan 16, 2007

Historians have been studying the Egyptian culture for centuries and this country never seizes to amaze them with the depth of its cultural secrets. Magnificent pyramids and golden treasures are – of course- not the only aspect of Egypt worth seeing. The choice of adventure activities is wide.



Deserts offer a thrilling experience for anyone. The expeditions can be challenging, from both the physical and mental point of view. The most popular of Egyptian deserts is the Sinai, or “Land of Turquoise” which represents rocky mountains in the south and flat sandy plains in the north. Hiking is the number one activity in these areas. Whole groups of adventurers may plan their trip ahead. The travelers are advised to put heavy luggage, supplies and camping equipment on camels and walk in the group. A more modern version is to use a truck that meets the hikers only at night. It is also possible to go for a whole trip package, combining land excursions done by jeep, camel, and hiking. The wildlife is very attractive and together with the unusual scenery and environment will create a perfect experience for any visitor.



However eager to observe the wildlife and hike in the desert, everyone should bare in mind the possible threats of the desert. First of all, the hike may be physically very challenging, the night temperatures drop considerably. Incoming enthusiasts should, therefore, take good care to find all the information needed before visiting the desert.



Underwater adventures are another way of experiencing Egypt. The trips are best enjoyed from a life aboard boat, however shore diving is still possible. Diving lovers may chose from thematic dives: some are designed especially for photography, visiting wrecks or caves or observing sharks and manta rays.


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